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Milan 2 nights, northern lakes region 3 nights, cinque terre 2 nights, parma 2 nights, milan 1 night. Want to explore the most beautiful places in italy. Visit the breathtaking amalfi coast or wine taste your way through italy. Heres our 1 week northern italy itinerary covering milan, lake como, cinque terre, bologna, isola bella, parma and more.

Looking into flying into venice with only an overnight there. I had an opportunity to attend a conference in trento in the trentino region, and i used it as inspiration to plan a trip concentrating solely on the far north of italy. Find here the best 3 weeks europe itineraries, 4 weeks europe itineraries and australia 4 week itineraries. These first 14 days in italy will be all about the classicsfollow this trip and youll be spending a lot of time watching postcards come to life. Northern italy is a siren song to travelers, laced with history and gilded in a patina of beauty here is our 10 day itinerary for northern italy. The ultimate 10 days in italy itinerary follow me away. Italys best travel months also its busiest and most expensive are may, june, september, and october. If youre heading on a trip around europe, the continents northernmost region should be at the top of your list. May 05, 2018 it will take a few more trips to cover all that this beautiful country has to offer, but i believe this is a good 2 week italy itinerary with the amalfi coast for a firsttime trip. Dec 30, 2016 this is not an italy itinerary for the faint of heart. Other great additions to add to your italy itinerary are bologna, varenna and. Italy itinerary the best italy train vacation routes. Youll find the travel times and distances for this selfdrive itinerary of italy and more suggested european road trip itineraries in my ebook the stressfree guide to.

My husband and i are planning a 3 week trip to switzerland and northern italy for mayjune. Shoulder season aprilmay or septemberoctober this is the best italy itinerary for someone who wants a really classic experience. If you have 3 weeks in italy, why not extend your time in the north. Italy by rail a complete 3 week itinerary world of wanderlust. Jun 12, 2017 im already a week into my italy trip with tanja and i wanted to share our brief italy itinerary and hope it will help, entertain or inspire you. Follow my route for an epic blend of tuscan wine tasting and sightseeing in all of the best spots in northern italy. Any of these italy itineraries will guarantee an amazing 10 days in italy. May 11, 2016 italy by rail a complete 3 week itinerary in italy it is always so much to see, so little time.

We travel out of curiosity about local food and people. Italy s amalfi coast is truly a marvel, but it makes less geographic sense for this itinerary than cinque terre. Of course, not everyone has jobs or lifestyles that allow a three week trip, so make a plan, prioritizing according to your interests and tastes. Hello, my wife and i are planning on either a 2 week or 10day trip to italy next may 2017. This 2 weeks in italy itinerary is the perfect way to get a taste of the countrys most classic. Trip itinerary with 3 teenagers rick steves travel forum. Choose your third day from between the catacombs of the via appia antica and romes less visited museums. Three week itinerary suggestions for northern italy italy forum. Honeymoon in italy italian travel itineraries luna moons.

Planning a trip to italy on a budget 3 weeks in italy. But if you only have one week in italy, you can still have a great time. Italy by rail a complete 3 week itinerary world of. The flat iron dilemma 10day northern italy itinerary. Im thinking of traveling to italy in may 2015, for 3 weeks. Hi all, my wife and i will be in northern italy sept 28 oct 21. This three week italian itinerary is perfect for those who enjoy a road trip as it takes in many of italy s most popular tourist destinations. The classic 2week italy itinerary with amalfi coast. I have a conference in riva del garda, so we will start there. The most beautiful places in northern italy that are still a secret. Weve lived for a month each in 3 different italian cities florence, bologna, and rome. Here is the perfect italy itinerary 3 weeks, including a mix of both vibrant cities and lowkey seaside towns.

The ticket machines are in english and easy to navigate. You do not need a eurail pass for your 2 weeks in northern italy. Heres a one week in northern italy travel itinerary youll want to follow. Three week itinerary suggestions for northern italy italy. It is full of rich history and a vibrant social scene that you will surely appreciate after your visits to some of the smaller seaside towns. Read our guide to making the most of 4 days in northern italy. From the canals of venice to the romantic city of verona, youll find all our best tips. If i could convince everyone of one thing i would tell everyone to drop everything and live in italy for about 3 months, then take your time and truly immerse into the italian lifestyle. Any suggestions or recommendation would be appreciated, i.

We want to see a lot, but dont really want to hotel hop 21 different hotels on 21 nights. This tour of northern italy features experiences handpicked by audleys italy specialists to inspire ideas for a tailormade vacation. Start off in milan, italy s capital of art, fashion, and design. Three week trip to italy itinerary rick steves travel forum. After exploring the venice, verona and lake garda area for one week, i found that northern italy boasts some of southern europes best cities and landscapes. You could definitely tailor this northern italy itinerary to be only 7 days.

I recently took a threeweek trip to northern italy that blew my socks off. I traveled through northern italy down to the coast of monaco and france this past week. The best italy itinerary 3 weeks or less ckanani luxury travel. A travel planning site devoted to italyresources, sights, hotels, itineraries, and more for planning an italian vacation nearly every corner of italy has quaint hill towns, picturesque countryside, magnificent art cities, ancient ruins, exquisite food, sublime wines, and just about any other travel cliche you want to throw in there.

Its impossible to see these storied cities properly in a week. Ive listed my top picks for where to go in italy, and my plan for your best three week trip. Two week italy itinerary the best of italy the boho traveller. Greve is situated in the chianti region in northern tuscany with easy access to siena, san gimignano and florence. Airport, there is a case for starting your trip in the north and slowly heading south. Whether you spend 3 weeks in italy, stay longer or can only devote 10 days or so to your trip, italy starts here. The perfect 14 day italy itinerary our escape clause. Hello, my husband and i are planning a 3 week trip to northern italy aug 31, 2019 sept 21 before heading to croatia for 10 days. Lake como is a lake located in northern italy, very close to the border of switzerland, and just 3 hours from venice by train.

Puglia is one of italy s most underrated regions, its abundance of history and oneofakind architecture melded with an enviable coastline and one of italy s simplest, healthiest cuisines. Because an extra week allows you to add a trip to pompeii, you can probably skip ostia antica. Mar 09, 2017 want to plan the ultimate northern italy wine experience. An ideal northern italy travel itinerary should include all of the above. Fly london to venice, train to florence, train to rome, fly to mykonos, ferry to naxos, ferry to santorini, fly santorini to london. Train travel in italy is the perfect way to get between all of the locations in this northern italy travel itinerary. Investigate cutting edge fashion in milan, relax and marvel at the ethereal beauty of northern italy s lake region, try your hand at cooking northern italian regional dishes, stroll through the renowned coastline and villages of cinque terre and finally concentrate on parmas excellent prosciutto and ham via a guided factory tour and food tasting.

Italy, switzerland and france are the classic mustvisits for central europe, each with its own unique culture, scenery and architecture. If youre passionate about renaissance art, linger longer in florence. My boyfriend and i are planning a two week trip to northern italy in june and were hoping for some advice on where best to go and how long to stay in each place. The bigticket stops in italy venice, the cinque terre, florence, rome, and the cluster south of rome sorrentonaples. As our trip was coming closer each day, i decided to share some tips and advice how to plan a perfect italy itinerary for your one week visit.

We are arriving in venice by plane and departing by train from either turin or milan. Alpine towns, great food, shimmering lakes, and plenty of unesco world heritage sites. If you happen to arrive late in the evening or are coming off a long flight, factor in an extra night to spend in an airport hotel and start out refreshed the next morning. We even have a full northern italy itinerary if you are interested in. Although it has a reputation of being a favorite holiday destination of the wealthy, lake como offers endless possibilities for every type of. Hello trip advisors, can you comment on the following itinerary starting aug 25. To begin with, i am definitely far away from being an expert on italy so ill put this as it is. The best northern italy travel itinerary 7 days the.

Southern italy provides a beautiful trip that is slightly less popular than the northern route. This post will cover the basics of how i got around, where to go and where to stay. Heres our 1 week northern italy itinerary covering milan, lake como, cinque terre, bologna, isola bella. Dont get me wrong italy is so amazing, you could spend years exploring it. Heres a one week in northern italy travel itinerary. We like outdoor activities, nature, food, wine, and culture minus a lot of museums. The best travel apps to download now for a stress free vacation. Northern italy is a region with high fashion, big wines, and beautiful lakes. I have the good fortune to be going to italy for three weeks this august, and have been putting together my itinerary for the trip, and would love for you all to take a look and tell me what you think.

I am currently organizing a 3 weeks family of 4 including our youngest being a 10 year old girl. Like above be sure to fly in and out of different cities. With impressive cities, endless history, fantastic cuisine and friendly locals, no time is ever enough in italy. On paper, 3 weeks in italy might seem like a long time, especially if you havent traveled overseas much. Italy s best travel months also its busiest and most expensive are may, june, september, and october. Rome follow the itinerary suggested in italy in one week. The most efficient way to see northern italy is by starting in venice and ending in milan or vice versa. The best of northern italy in 4 days we are travel girls. From the italian lakes district to the cinque terre, tuscany, the dolomites, and the veneto, discover the diverse landscapes, culture, arts, and history of italy s northern regions. Roma, the lively capital of italy, is the perfect final stop on your 3 week itinerary. We have flights booked arriving in venice and departing from milan bergamo. Three days in tuscany gives you a couple of options as far as lodging. Hi all, im trying to sketch out a 3 week italy trip. I recently took a three week trip to northern italy that blew my socks off.

I did it in three weeks and hit most of what you mentioned here but theres. The ultimate 3 week europe travel itinerary voila travels. The best italy itinerary 3 weeks or less ckanani luxury. This days itinerary is designed to give you a good balance of sights, sounds and experiences. Concentrating on this part of the country gave me the three weeks in northern italy. Discover charming fishing villages, the romantic italian lakes and incredible italian cuisine with just 7 days in italy.

It may sound like a lot okay, it was but itwas one of my favorite trips ive taken so far. With 14 days spend one week in greece and one week in italy. Use the interactive luna itinerary planner to explore where to stay and what to do in the romantic country of italy. Oct 18, 2019 this is the 2 week italy itinerary we recommend to firsttime visitors, including our friends and family, and we wont be straying off the beaten path much here.

Italy by rail a complete 3 week itinerary in italy it is always so much to see, so little time. My wife and i are planning a three week trip to italy next mid mayearly june. Find the best 3 week tours to italy with tourradar. There is no best way to see italy in a week, it just wouldnt cover even most basic. How long we stay is dependent on how much the trip is going to cost. We have an itinerary of where we are sleeping most nights, but we are trying to decide where to spend some day trips and which of the central italian lakes to visit.

The lakes provide a perfect timeout during a tour of italy, being less than an hour from milan and about three hours from venice, but they should also be considered a destination in their own right. Italy is such a wonderful place and there is such a lot to see and experience, long itineraries can drain your finances 3 weeks in italy on a budget is something we can definitely do with. Heres our 1 week northern italy itinerary covering milan, lake como, cinque terre, bologna, isola bella, parma and. And if you happen to not have time to spend three weeks in italy hi, fellow. Hi, i will be travelling to europe with my parents and my sister in early july this year from vancouver, canada. In between these two cities, its easy to access the gems of northern italy. I planned this selfdrive tour itinerary for a family of four who wanted longer stays wherever possible in order to not feel too rushed. It covers the most important sites and major cities in italy that most visitors will want to see on their first trip to italy. My wife and i are experienced travelers, but this is our first time in italy. After discussing our mutual love for wine, pasta and more wine, italy seemed like the perfect destination. Theyre also the busiest and most expensive time to visit with the north remaining just as busy throughout midsummer. We would like to spend several days in a few places and do day trips rather than be on the move all the time. There are 41 tours going to italy, with the most popular time to go being september, which has the most number of tour departures.

Enjoy a delightful three night stay in stresa, situated along beautiful lake maggiore and nestled amid the lower alps. I had an opportunity to attend a conference in trento in the trentino region, and i used it. Best of lake como, italy in 3 days where would you go. Northern italy group itinerary from milan to the lakes region to cinque terre and. My wife and i will have approximately three weeks in northern italy in october after six days in rome. Get lost with europe tour and wake up in a different every day.

Visiting the amalfi coast would require traveling south from rome when the bulk of this 2 weeks in italy itinerary focuses on the northern half of the country. Download my free italy bucket list by clicking here. Europe 3 weeks italy itinerary would love to hear thoughts for next juneearly july. Lake como is a lake located in northern italy, very close to the border of. Jun 17, 2019 situated in the lombardi region in northern italy is lake como, known as the third largest lake in italy and is home to charming towns and villages that look like from the pages of a fairytale book. However, a fast, efficient rail network along the romeflorencevenice axis makes its surprisingly easy to see a handful of the best that these graceful, artstuffed cities have to offer. Hightlights of the trip, such as the amalfi coast and pompeii still experience crowds similiar to elsewhere in italy, but it is possible to find more remote off the beaten path destinations as well. Cinque terre 2 days tuscany 4 days florence 2 days venice 3 days verona 2 days lake como 1 day want to plan the ultimate northern italy wine experience. Follow this italy itinerary by train with the eurail italy pass and be in for a real treat. Theres so much to see and do that im not sure about my itinerary. If youd like to do the ultimate 3 week europe trip on a budget, without the hassle of planning travel and booking accommodation, click the button below.

Take a memorable gondola ride along venices grand canal, set out on a shopping extravaganza in milan, and tour romes magnificent monuments and museums. This 10 days in italy itinerary will help you plan your perfect trip to italy in 10 days. This italy itinerary is a fastpaced expedition to see the most of italy in two weeks via train and bus. Day 1 fly into london heathrow, pick up your hire car and drive straight to bath 2 hours. Its a link to the best, allinclusive guided tour that takes you from london to budapest, and. With our six italian travel itineraries, you can choose the italy experience youve always dreamt of. We are planning a trip to italy with our 3 teenagers ages 17, 16 and 14for 10 days this june and would like to get some advice on our itinerary. Three week itinerary suggestions for northern italy. We have already been in rome, venice, florence, and pisa and would like to travel to the interiors of italy along the amalfi coast. I was hoping to get a ballpark estimate of what we should be planning on, for. One week italy itinerary for beginners tigrest travel blog.

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